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Meetings will be held at the following location:

NORTH ROOM: Christ Church, William Street, Herne Bay


REG CLARK'S early career was involved in graphic design and associated matters, but he has always been interested in Egyptology. He studied for a Certificate in Archaeology at Bristol University in the late 1990s. In 2005 he went on to read Egyptian Archaeology at Swansea University, and was awarded a First Class Honours Degree in 2008. He subsequently undertook a research degree at the same university, and was awarded a PhD in Egyptology in 2014 for his thesis Tomb Security in Ancient Egypt from the Pre-dynastic to the Pyramid Age, published by Archaeopress of Oxford in 2016.

ROGER SHARP. Roger has been a member of the Ankh committee for a number of years, and currently produces and edits your newsletter. Although his career was in electronics and radio communications he has been interested in Ancient History and Archaeology for more years than he cares to remember. He has lived in a number of countries in the Middle East, including four years in Egypt, and he has tutored courses in archaeology for over thirty five years. Since moving to Canterbury in 2000 he has tutored courses for the local U3A on the archaeology of Classical and Middle Eastern civilisations.

BETH ASHBY. Beth is very involved with the Thames Valley Egyptology Society and has given talks to them and throughout the Southampton area. She is very keep to spread the word about the Egyptian collection at the Pitt Rivers.




Wednesday 16 th August 20172 to 4 pmKarnak, a complex of Temples. Covering the great temple of Amun, the Outdoor Museum, and the temples of Ptah, Mont, the Aten, Khons and Mut.

Members £2.50 Guests £4.00
Roger SharpNorth Room, Christ Church, William Street, Herne Bay.

Saturday 21st October 20172 to 4 pmThe Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, and the Egyptian collection.

Members £2.50 Guests £4.00
Beth AshbyNorth Room, Christ Church, William Street, Herne Bay.