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NORTH ROOM: Christ Church, William Street, Herne Bay.


Beth has a BA in Ancient History and Archaeology, and an MPhil in Egyptology, both from the University of Birmingham. After working for the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists, and teaching at the University of Reading's School of Continuing Education, she moved to Cairo and worked with Dr Zahi Hawass, the then Minister of State for Antiquities. She now works at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, and is Assistant to the Director and Administration Team.

The Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford is not well-known for its extensive Egyptology collection, as the museum’s exhibits are arranged in a typological manner where items from one civilisation or geographical area can be located in different parts of the museum, which can be rather confusing for the visitor. It is for this reason that Beth’s particular interest in Egypt is useful in bringing things into focus and helping to bring the collection to life. The collection does, however, comprise some 12,500 objects from Ancient Egypt and the Sudan, and includes gems such as the 'Oxford Bowl', one of the rare letters to the dead, and a mysterious mummy brought back to England by Edward, Prince of Wales, in the C19th.
Beth has fourteen publications to her name, together with numerous conference papers, and she has made a number of appearances during TV programmes.


Lisa has a long list of accreditations and she brings something new to our studies - she is an archaeobotanist. There has been much research recently in Egypt regarding the information that can be attained from plants such as flowers deposited in tombs, beer residues, bread etc. Whilst not specifically an Egyptologist, she has a great deal of information considering her subject, and will be able to demonstrate yet another aspect of research that can tell us much about life in ancient times.


Sarah is a Consultant Osteo-archaeologist working in East Kent, and trained as an archaeologist at the Silchester Field School. She studied at the University of Reading, and gained an MSc in Human Osteology and Palaeo-pathology at the University of Bradford.
Sarah was an assistant osteo-archaeologist for the Eastbourne Ancestors Project, and has worked with the Canterbury Archaeological Trust on projects covering the Neolithic, Roman and Medieval periods. She now works with the Folkestone Museum on their Anglo-Saxon skeleton collection. Sarah is working on a number of publications, has appeared on BBC and ITV, and runs workshops in The Archaeology of Death, Medical Curios: Their Bones, Ethical Considerations and Death Art.





Wednesday 28th February 20182 to 4 pmArchaeobiology, a talk including practical demonstrations and examples,

Members £2.00, guests £4.00

Lisa GreyNorth Room, Christ Church, William Street, Herne Bay.
Wednesday 18th April 2018 2 to 4 pmOsteoarchaeology, a hands-on event.

Members £2.00, guests £4.00
Sarah GearyNorth Room, Christ Church, William Street, Herne Bay.